All-Stat Facility Services

Get Extra Healthcare Nursing Support For Your Facility in Phoenix or Glendale


Expand Your Healthcare Service Team When Necessary

The demands and unpredictable nature of the healthcare industry can leave hospitals, rehab facilities, assisted living homes, and other private healthcare facilities suddenly in need of more staff. When it comes to providing facilities with short-term staffing solutions, All-Stat is Arizona’s go-to choice. Our team offers quality, consistent, and experienced care for all your patients. We offer a wide range of services and would be proud to serve your facility. Call now to fulfill your staffing needs today!



The All-Stat Difference

  • We have a team of skilled registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants capable of quickly and seamlessly supplementing your medical team

  • We pride ourselves on making every patient feel comfortable and optimistic about their health situation

  • Our consistent care involves more than just getting the job done — it’s also about building relationships with patients and helping them grow and lending them a helping hand when they need it

  • We’re available 24/7/365. We understand that time (and your patients’ healthcare needs) doesn’t keep normal 9 to 5 business hours, so neither do we

Learn About Arizona’s Most Trusted On-Call Nursing Staff

Call-outs, employee turnover, and untrained staff not only have the potential to slow down your facility, but they could also jeopardize the health of your patients. You don’t want to sacrifice

quality, consistent, and experienced care due to employee retention problems. To keep your healthcare facility running at an excellent level, when you’re in need of short-term staffing solutions, call All-Stat Nursing Agency. We are dedicated to providing you the proficient, nurturing, and certified staff you need. We are committed to quality assurance and we follow detailed guidelines to ensure our staff is up-to-date on certifications and are accountable for their work. For a wide range of facility services, All-Stat is here to help.

We provide the following facility services:

  • Per diem assignments

  • Daily staffing

  • Urgent needs

  • Contract assignments

  • Block booking

  • Travel assignments

  • Permanent placement

  • Errand & escort services

  • Respite care

We do not take our job lightly. We understand how important it is for your healthcare facility to continue running at peak efficiency. Therefore, we’re available 24/7/365 to ensure we can always meet your needs. Contact us today to get a highly skilled RN, LPN, or CNA sent to your facility in Arizona ASAP.