Find the Best On-Demand Staff For Your Hospital’s Nursing Care Needs

You take pride in your hospital’s client- and employee-friendly culture. However, with rising demands as well as costs, it can be difficult balancing quality care with your growing nursing staff needs. Now more than ever, quality supply-chain strategies and hospital management can make all the difference in times when resources may be scarce and demands may suddenly peak. At a certain point, no matter how effectively your hospital management strategies are, you will need to hire on-demand nursing care to meet your hospital’s needs. When that time comes, if you are in or near Glendale, you should call All-Stat Nursing Agency, Inc. for the supplementary nursing staff you need.

All-Stat can provide you Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and other professionals for per diem or contract assignments. When you need nurses to supplement your team now and who don’t require extensive training to get started, choose All-Stat for your hospital’s nursing needs.

Our qualified, professional nurses are ready to pick up the shifts you need covered — working both 8-hour and 12-hour shifts as needed. Our certified nurses are prepared to assist your doctors, full-time nurses, and patients with quality care they can count on. We guarantee that when you hire nurses through All-Stat, they won’t only meet your expectations, they will exceed them.

Regardless of your specific needs, we are ready 24/7 to help. Contact us now to speak with one of our friendly representatives and get your on-demand hospital staffing needs met pronto.

Reasons you may need to hire on-demand nurses are numerous, including:

  • More Patients — From the coronavirus pandemic and the opioid epidemic to an aging Baby Boomer generation and other factors, hospitalization is on the rise and in some cases surges from month to month.

  • Fewer Nurses — Many nurses are retiring every year, and, in some communities — especially in rural ones — there may be a shortage of nurses on hand to deal with emergencies or even just daily tasks.

  • Tighter Budgets — Hospital budgets also play a role. Across the entire healthcare industry, we are seeing a movement towards licensed professionals and a bottleneck of degreed professionals. That is to say, more demand for registered nurses, and fiercer competition over more slowly growing positions for doctors.

The three main deciding factors to consider when looking for on-demand nursing staff are:

  1. Quality — You want a professional nurse who is not only hardworking and experienced, but also fits well into your organization’s culture.

  2. Speed — You want a nurse placed at your facility fast.

  3. Price — Reduce labor costs by hiring alternative supplemental labor.

Are you in or around Glendale and your hospital needs on-demand nursing staff to meet your demand? Contact All-Stat Nursing Agency, Inc. today for quality, fast, affordable on-demand nurses for your facility today!